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                                    Bi Metal Bearings

                                    TOP BEARINGS is one of the famous China Bi metal bearings manufacturers and suppliers. Our products have been widely applied to more than 30 industries like automobile, engineering machinery, metallurgy, water conservancy and hydroelectric power and mechanical manufacturing. Also we can design for customer's specific requirement.

                                    TOP BEARINGS Bi Metal bushing Load capability can be improved by oil holes, grooves, etc., depending on lubrication conditions. In some cases, a dry bearing can also be used under lubricated conditions. Bimetallic bearing is steel back as the matrix, surface sintered copper, tin alloy, rolled rolling bearings, standard alloy materials are: CuPb10Sn10, CuSn6Zn6Pb3, CuPb24Sn4, CuPn30, AlSn20Cu. Products are widely used in construction machinery used for supporting wheel shaft sleeve, supporting belt wheel shaft sleeve, tensioning wheel shaft sleeve, automotive balance shaft sleeve, steel plate sleeve, steering knuckle-main shaft sleeve, connecting rod shaft sleeve, valve rocker arm shaft sleeve, camshaft shaft sleeve, differential shaft sleeve, thrust gasket, piston pump side piece, gear pump side piece.

                                    We have reformed boldly, absorbed social elites through strengthening talent training, fully implemented modern management mechanism and new marketing strategy and been dedicated to long-term development of self-lubricating bearing industry. To control quality strictly, we set up a complete quality management system (ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949) in the quality policy of “Top Quality, Top Credit, Sustainable Growth”. Our quality and performance have reached advanced level.
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                                    Oilless Bronze Engine Bimetal Bearing

                                    Oilless Bronze Engine Bimetal Bearing

                                    Top Bearings is China manufacturers and suppliers who mainly produces Oilless Bronze Engine Bimetal Bearing with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you.

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                                    Top Bearings is a professional Bi Metal Bearings manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality brand Bi Metal Bearings not only have free sample for your reference in stock., but also have moderate prices. Welcome to our factory to wholesale customized products.
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